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Our company

Our company’s roots are in the 1920s’ when young man by the name of Vilppu Alamäki started his transportation business in Oulu region.

Vilppu was a resourceful and determided young man, who managed to cope with harsh war years and would, when he saw the opportunity, expand his business. He would charter local society’s and clubs to their first day trips. There was a time when he owned a cinema and a bookshop too, in addition to his main line of business. Vilppu later sold his other businesses, but bus transportation remained at his focus. Lot has changed since Vilppu’s time, but the company still focuses on the very same principals; providind good service and being a reliable. Currently, there is already the fourth generation of the family working for the company.

We pride ourselves with good and reliable service, that is what we are known for. OULU LAPLAND TOURS is a part of V. ALAMÄKI Ltd.

Oulu Lapland Tours are there to serve our foreign visitors and we aim to provide you with good quality escorted bus tours in Lapland. Each tour is unique and has different services and excursions included, but on each tour, you have one of our professional Finnish Tour Directors and Bus Drivers.

Our tours have been constructed so that you will get a glimpse of everything; there are sites of cultural and natural importance. We also want to be sure that our tours are good value for your money. We offer activities often as additional, therefore, it is up to you how you want to spend your valuable time in Lapland.

Our company is based in Oulu, North Ostrobothnia and consequently, only an hours drive from southern Lapland. This is why both geographical terms are encompassed in our company name. Our tours usually start from OULU, because of its good fligh connections. However, if you wish, you can step onboard from ROVANIEMI too.  

COVID-19 rates have been fairly low in Northern Finland throughout the pandemic, but we do spray our buses with disinfectant and all local services do take good care of cleaning surfaces etc. You can enter Finland if you have been vaccinated twice.

Oulu Lapland Bus Tours bussimatkat Lappiin ja Norjaan


You can book our tours directly from us, or you can buy our tours through one of our agents.

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